How to Stop Moss Growth and Remove It for Good

Posted on: 16 April 2015

Even if you like the look of moss on your home due to the rustic feel, it can cause problems that will make you think twice about keeping it. Moss can create issues with water damming, water underneath shingles, leaks, and premature deterioration due to trapped moisture. That is why you need to learn about how to stop moss from growing and remove it for good.

Preventing Moss Growth

An easy way to stop moss growth without much effort is with zinc flashing. The flashing releases zinc oxide every time it rains, and the chemicals help destroy the moss in a way that's similar to using a herbicide. It helps evenly distribute zinc oxide over an entire roof with ease, as all you need to do is have the flashing installed.

Moss needs moisture to grow, so keeping a roof dry is effective at preventing growth. A common culprit for moss growth could be the trees that hang over your roof. After it rains, water will slowly drip from the branches and leaves onto your roof, and tree's leaves prevent the sun from shining through. It results in ideal conditions for moss growth. Thankfully, you just need to trim overhanging branches that are problematic.

If your roof stays dry and has plenty of sun exposure during the day, you should not have any problems with unexpected moss growth.

Removing Moss

If you are unable to stop moss from growing, you will need to get rid of it yourself. One way to do it is with bleach powder. Just add water as directed, and the bleach powder will release powerful bubbles that assist with removing moss by destroying the bond it has to your roof. You will certainly find the process much easier than scrubbing it away with a putty knife.

After the moss detaches, you can simply sweep away all the dead moss off the roof. You must sweep downward in directions your shingles are facing. Upward sweeping may cause damage to the shingles, as moss can easily find its way underneath them. Hard sweeping can potentially damage a roof's protective coat as well.

Don't ignore roof moss, as it can cause serious damage that you will need to have repaired. Also, remember that if moss growth happened once, the conditions are ideal for it to grow back. Watch out for new patches of moss so that you can take care of them as soon as possible. For more information, contact your local roofing company (such as Sky City Roofing).