You Should Choose A Flat Roof If...

Posted on: 11 September 2015

There are many benefits to flat roofs, such as lower maintenance and installation costs. However, flat roofs shouldn't be used on every building project. Here is a checklist to help you understand when to choose a flat roof.      

Choose a Flat Roof If... You Live in a Dry Climate

Flat roofs should not be used in very snowy or rainy climates. Sloped roofs are much better at draining rainwater and snow away from the home; flat roofs may buckle under the pressure of collected rainwater or snow. There are some things that you can do to make a flat roof more weatherproof, such as installing drains for rainwater.

Choose a Flat Roof If... You Have a Small Roofing Budget

Since the material for a flat roof doesn't have to slope over your home, a flat roof can be a good way to save on building materials. But keep in mind that you may need to devote extra money to sealing a flat roof, since these roofs are more exposed to rainwater and other environmental hazards.

Choose a Flat Roof If...You Have Limited Overhead Space

Sometimes, low overhead space will create a need for a flat roof. If you have trees hanging above your property, then a flat roof can help you maximize your building space without disturbing the canopy over your property. With a flat roof, you may be able to build an extra loft or attic space, sloping frames take up much more of your top level's space than a flat roof.

Choose a Flat Roof If... You Want to do Independent Maintenance

A sloped roof often requires a lot of fall protection equipment for inspection. With a flat roof, it's possible for you to stand on your flat roof and inspect it yourself. This is a key step to finding leaks or cracks and calling a roof repair company quickly.

Choose a Flat Roof If... You Are Hands On

Flat roofs may take more maintenance than their sloped counterparts. For instance, it's crucial to have cracks sealed on a regular basis to keep your flat roof strong. Thankfully, it's easier to get up there and do it yourself with a flat roof.

If your project matches the qualities above, then you may be a great candidate for a flat roof. Your roofer should look at your building project first to make sure that a flat roof is feasible.  Contact a local roofing company, such as Quinn Roofing Solutions Inc, for further assistance.