Top 5 Winter Roofing Tips And Maintenance

Posted on: 16 February 2016

Your roof is an important component of your heating system. A roof in good condition will trap the heat in your home and prevent leaks. You need to make sure you do the proper maintenance to get your roof ready for winter. Here are five winter roofing tips:

1. Clean your roof

Having a clean roof is essential for keeping it well maintained. Remove all debris from your gutters, downspouts, and drains. Gutters that are clogged with leaves can cause a leak. Have a professional pressure wash your roof to remove dirt and grime.

2. Seal your roof

The last thing you need when the snow starts pouring is a leak. Have your roof inspected for holes and cracks. You should also prevent moisture from building up and getting in. Apply fresh caulk to all the creases and crevices on your roof and apply a waterproof seal over your shingles. The seal will make water roll right off your roof instead of pooling and potentially leaking into your crawlspace.

3. Prevent damage

Winter not only means snow but heavy winds and ice that can cause tree branches to fall on your roof. Cut down overhanging branches and trim branches that are within five feet of your roof. Carefully inspect old and large trees for signs that they may fall. Here are signs to look for:

  • Excessive leaning
  • Exposed roots
  • Deep trunk cracks
  • Multiple large dead branches

4. Prevent ice dams

Ice dams form when snow accumulates on your roof and then melts. The melting snow forms ice when temperatures drop, causing water to back up and pool underneath your shingles. The water drips into your attic and eventually through your ceiling. To prevent ice dams from forming, add extra insulation to your attic and top floor ceilings. The insulation keeps warm air from heating the ice and melting it. Next, plug all leaks and crevices in your attic and close vents to further prevent warm air from escaping. This will also help lower heating costs.

5. Keep your roof clear

Winter can be very damaging to your roof. Snow can build up on your roof, and this added weight can create tears or holes. Use a roof rake to clear excess snow throughout the winter season. It's best to use the rake regularly since the rake will have difficulty removing hardened snow. Also, don't tire yourself out trying to clear all the snow. You only need to remove the excess.

These five tips will keep your roof in great shape throughout the winter season. For more information and tips, contact local roofers, such as roofing services by T & N Roofing.