Avoiding Collapse Through Proper Preparation - Tips For Home Gutter Maintenance

Posted on: 13 May 2017

It's often been said that an ounce of preparation can be worth a pound of cure. When it comes to the maintenance of your home's gutters, this is certainly the case. Blocked gutters can lead to flooding in your home or the structural failure of the system, leaving you with an expensive repair that could have been avoided with the right game plan.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you can take in order to maintain your home's gutters. By following these suggestions, you can promote the easy flow of water and eliminate some of the blockages which are likely to have otherwise caused you some major stress.

Clear Downspouts

Among the most important steps in maintaining your gutters doesn't take place on your roof surface, but rather on the ground. A properly placed downspout will gently guide rushing water away from your home's vulnerable areas, and will help moderate the flow of rain and melting snow throughout the gutter system which feeds it.

If your downspouts are blocked, you could be looking at a substantial backup which poses a serious risk to the integrity of your system. Always make sure that the grass and plants surrounding the mouth of your spout are fully cleared away, and conduct regular inspections to verify buildup isn't accumulating in the vertical spout.

Tree Trimming

Trees are, of course, the natural enemies of your gutters. From the clogs created by leaves and sticks to the structural risks of falling branches, keeping them trimmed back is a vital part of the war for clear water flow.

You should consider scheduling an annual tree trimming in order to guarantee that you're able to maintain the clear gutter flow you desire. If that seems too frequent for you, then you should at least make an attempt to personally trim back any branch you notice hanging over your roof surface, and manually verify that no debris remains in the gutters.

Gutter Shields

Not all precautionary measures require constant personal vigilance. Useful tools like gutter shields can absorb some of the work for you by deflecting away hazards which may otherwise have caused problems. Make sure that you do a thorough examination of the various shields available to you, but taking the time to install them can be a huge step toward gutter health. Most shields are designed to stand up to extremely difficult conditions, so you may be able to embrace a fix that you can almost forget about for a long period of time.

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