Five Mistakes To Avoid That Could Damage Your Metal Roof

Posted on: 5 June 2017

A good metal roof that's properly maintained can be expected to last as long as 70 years. However, your metal roof won't last as long as it could if you're not vigilant about caring for it and avoiding damage.

The following are five mistakes you need to avoid to maximize the lifespan of your metal roof:

Allowing debris to build up on your roof and sit in one place for a long period of time

Vegetation building up on your roof can hold moisture against your roof and allow rust to eventually eat away at your metal roof panels. You need to regularly clear debris away and keep an open, dry surface on your roof. 

Neglecting to clean out your gutters

When debris builds up in gutters, it can prevent the proper drainage of moisture off your roof's surface. This can lead to rust development and can also allow ice dams to form during periods of cold weather that can cause roof leaks and other issues.

Regularly inspect your gutters and clean them out a few times a year to prevent drainage issues. 

Allowing foreign metal materials to come into direct contact with a metal roof

If two different types of metal come in contact with one another, a phenomenon called "green corrosion" or "electrolysis" can occur that can weaken the metal materials.

You should therefore avoid allowing a metal that is not part of your roof structure itself to come into contact with your roof. 

Frequently walking on top of a metal roof

It's important for homeowners with metal roofs to realize that metal roofs tend to be much thinner than other roof types. As such, they are susceptible to dents and damage if they are walked on.

When walking on a metal roof is necessary, it's important to avoid putting weight on any portion of a metal roof panel that doesn't have a purlin or joint directly under it to provide support. 

Failing to inspect roof fasteners

Roof metal needs to be firmly fastened down to the roof base with the appropriate hardware. Unfortunately, exposed metal fasteners can weaken and loosen over time. If these fasteners become weak, the wind can lift up metal roof panels and possibly even tear them off. 

It's a good idea to inspect your fasteners at least once every year and to have them replaced as necessary. Fasteners can be inspected from the ground using a pair of binoculars. The binoculars can allow you to see if there are any unusual fastener protrusions. 

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