Springtime Tips For Your Roof

Posted on: 17 July 2017

When the snow melts and the days start to warm up there are many things you want to do about your house to prepare for the new season. Taking care of your roof is one of the tasks you will have before you when it comes to getting your home and your property prepared for the new season. Learn about some of the things you want to do to your roof as soon as springtime starts to make its appearance by reading the information given to you here:

Get your trees trimmed

Now is the perfect time for you to have a tree trimmer come out and trim your trees. This especially includes any and all tree branches that are approaching power lines, crowding an AC compressor that's on the roof, growing too close to the roof, brushing the roof, hanging over the roof and gutter, or otherwise threatening the roof or any other areas of the house.

Clean out the rain gutters

Get rid of all the debris that ended up in your rain gutters during all those winter storms so you can prepare yourself for the next influx of rain that comes with springtime. If you don't have the gutters cleared out then the water won't flow correctly through them to the drain pipes where it will get detoured away from the house. Also, stagnant water can lead to mosquitoes, plus the water will run down the side of the house and stain the paint.

Remove leaves and pine needles

Leaving leaves and pine needles on the roof allows the trapped moisture to sit there so mildew and mold can grow. Plus, if they stay there too long once the weather really heats up, then they will pose an added fire risk. So, clearing off the roof is one of the first things that should be done as soon as the spring season arrives.

Replace missing tiles or shingles 

If you notice that any of your tiles or shingles are missing, you want to have them replaced. If any of them are damaged, then they should also be repaired. If the flashing is damaged it also needs to be repaired. This will help to prevent you from ending up dealing with a leaking roof in the near future which will only get worse to the point where it can get quite costly to both fix and repair damages caused by the water.

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