The Benefits Of Synthetic Wood Shake Roofing On Commercial Buildings

Posted on: 10 October 2017

If your commercial building needs a new roof, there are many options that you may be considering. Many commercial buildings use EDPM membranes or asphalt bitumen. But if you are looking for something a bit different, you may be considering synthetic wood shakes for your roofing material. Learning the benefit of this material will help you decide if it is right for your building. Here are a few of those benefits

They Are Low Maintenance

One of the benefits to using a synthetic wood shake as your roofing material on a commercial building is that they are low maintenance. Most commercial building owners do not want a roofing material that requires a lot of care, upkeep, and maintenance. Synthetic wood shakes are extremely durable and other than the recommended yearly inspection that should be done on all roofs, do not need any other care and maintenance. 

They Can Add Curb Appeal

Another of the benefits associated with synthetic wood shake roofing on commercial buildings is that they can increase the curb appeal of the building. Synthetic wood shakes look like cedar shakes, which are perfect for a country, rustic, Victorian or Cape Cod feel. If your commercial building is a warehouse, this may not be a huge deal to you. But if you own a strip mall with unique shops, a restaurant or other type of commercial building where the aesthetic and look of your building may draw in customers, this is a key factor to keep in mind. 

They Are Fire-Resistant

The last major benefit you should know if you are considering using synthetic wood shakes on your commercial building is that synthetic shakes are fire resistant. Roofing materials have different grades of fire resistance, and synthetic shakes are no different. The exact grade of resistance varies based on the material that the shake is made from, but many have an "A" rating, which is the highest you can get. A fire-resistant roof helps to protect your building in the event of surrounding fires. This can help to protect people inside the building or the items, such as product, that they have stored inside.  

Synthetic wood shakes can give your commercial building a unique look, while still providing the durability and low maintenance that you want for a commercial building. However, you do need to have a slight slope on your roof to be able to use them. If your roof is flat, they will not work. Contact your preferred commercial roofing company today to find out if synthetic wood shakes are an option for your building.