The Perks of a Slate Roof

Posted on: 26 October 2017

If you've been in your home in a while, and are thinking about a major exterior upgrade, the roof is a great place to start. Re-doing a roof really is a costly project, but one that will have major impact on both the style and valuation of your home. It is a smart remodel for those who are simply trying to make the property more energy efficient, or those who are just trying to make the property more valuable before putting it on the market. This article explains why slate roofs continue to be such a popular choice.

Slate Is Durable and Dependable

The first thing you need to know about slate is that it is extremely durable. A slate roof can easily last over 100 years with hardly any maintenance in that time. Slate is a heavy duty, natural stone that is quarried directly from the earth. That is, the actual slate shingles or slabs on your roof, will basically be pieces of rock cut from the earth. Slate is easily quarried because it can be chipped into small slivers, making it especially ideal for tiles.

Slate Is Heavy

Slate is also a very heavy material. This might be a major issue if you live in the old home. Roofers will often need to reinforce the rafters in order to support the extra weight of slate. This can significantly add to the cost of your roofing job.

Energy Efficiency

Slate is not the most energy efficient product, but it is suitable for mild climates and cold weather. It actually works very well in snow because it has a smooth surface that snow can easily slide off. Slate transfers heat well, meaning that the heat inside your house can actually melt the snow and enable it to slide off easily. Dark colored slate tiles are definitely not the best product for hot climates. The sun can have a massive affect on the temperature inside your home when a dark product like slate radiates the heat through your roof. That being said, if you live in a moderate climate, slate will be very dependable, efficient choice.

Slate has a style that can work in just about any home. It can look great in modern construction, or on rustic homes. It can look natural and sleek at the same time. Of course, different slate styles can create different looks, so you want to choose a product that best matches your existing home style. For more information, visit a website such as