Wood Vs. Vinyl Fascia Boards

Posted on: 10 November 2017

If you want your roofline to look good, keeping up the fascia board is of the utmost importance. The fascia kind of defines your roof line and create a visual line that eyes will be drawn to. That is, it is often the most noticeable part of the roof. Not only is an important style feature, it is also important comes to the strength of your roof, particularly the overhang of the eaves. If the fascia gets waterlogged or warped, the roofline can be uneven. This can compromise your roofing material, especially if you have a heavy tile product. The key to keeping up your roof line is to maintain a clean and straight fascia board. This article explains the key differences between wooden and vinyl fascia boards.

Wood Fascia Boards

Wood is the most commonly used material for fascia boards. Homeowners not only love the natural style of wood, they often prefer it because so many other elements around the outside of the house are also made out of wood. If you have wooden trim and window fixtures, you probably also want to have wooden fascia to match.

Another important distinction of wooden fascia part is that they are customizable. That is, they can be custom painted or stained however you want. This is a major consideration in the long run, especially if you ever plan on repainting your exterior walls. If you change your trim color, you will obviously want your roofline to match as well, so having a material like wood is very convenient.

Of course, most homeowners realize that wood is not the most practical material for exterior construction. It is susceptible to water damage, it can get warped, and termites love it. Basically, wood will need a little more maintenance over the years.

Vinyl Fascia Boards

Most people are mainly attracted to vinyl fascia boards because of the low maintenance. Vinyl is completely waterproof and doesn't have any of the weaknesses of wood. It is also made with fake wood textures. This can be very important, because it will basically make your fascia board look like real wood when looking at it from far away. Since the roofline is higher, and far away from the eyes, many people won't even be able to tell the difference between a wooden and a vinyl fascia board.

Vinyl is the choice for customers who value low maintenance while wood is the best option for people who want a more natural look. Contact a local roofer for more information about new roof installation.