Need a New Roof? Benefits of Buying Your Roofing Materials Through the Contractor Doing the Replacement Work

Posted on: 16 December 2017

When you need a new roof, you have a decision about where to buy your roofing materials from. You can go through a roofing supply company and order the products yourself, or you can order them through the roofing contractor who is installing the new roof from you. The contractor will likely be using the same suppliers you will be using, which may leave you wondering if there is any benefit to ordering through the contractor or whether you should cut them out and order directly. Here are a few of the benefits of buying your roofing materials through the contractor who is doing the replacement work on your roof. 

The Contractor May Get a Better Discount

One of the benefits of buying your roofing materials through the contractor who is replacing your roof is that the contractor may get a better discount than you do. Many roofing supply companies offer a discount for buying in bulk or repeat orders. If a roofing company knows a product is popular, they may order it in bulk and already have it in their warehouse, or they may get a better discount on other products just due to the volume of business they do with the supply company. If you are looking for the best price, a roofing contractor may be able to get that for you. 

A Contractor Knows How Much of Each Material You Need

Another benefit of buying your roofing materials through the contractor doing the replacement work is they know how much of each material you need. You may know how many square feet your roof is and buy enough to cover the roof. But do you know how much extra you need to create seams for your underlay or how much overlap occurs with shingles? Probably not. A roofing contractor does, and they can account for the overlaps and extras that are needed, ensuring there is enough roofing material for the job. 

The Contractor Ensures the Right Materials Are Ordered

The last benefit to buying your roofing materials directly from the contractor who is replacing your roof for you is that they can ensure the right materials are ordered. There are a lot of minor differences among roofing materials that you may not realize. You may think you are good to go telling the roofing company you want a specific brand of shingle. But that manufacturer may make shingles in different sizes, thicknesses, with different coatings, in different colors, and with different ready-to-lay tabs. Making a mistake when you order can cause the incorrect shingle, or other roofing material, to be ordered. This may set your project back or the supplier may not even be able to return it. A roofer helps to ensure the right product is ordered.  

Before you can have a new roof installed on your home, the materials for your roof are needed. You can either order them yourself or buy them from the roofing contractor doing the replacement work. Taking the time to learn the benefits of going through the contractor allows you to the make the decision that is best for you.