Beyond Damage: Other Hidden Cost Of Commercial Roof Leak

Posted on: 21 February 2018

If you are in charge of managing a commercial roof, you should know that a roof leak can have long-term repercussions far beyond the initial damage on the roof. Knowing what these repercussions are can help you ensure the roof is properly maintained and any small leak is dealt with as promptly as it occurs. Here are some of the far-reaching damages you may face if your commercial roof is leaking:

Energy Inefficiency

A leaking roof can lead to energy wastage in several ways. For example, it can damage the insulation material, which will heat escape from the house through unintended routes. The result is that your heating system will need to run extra long to give your premises the same level of comfortable temperature as before.

Lost Use of Space

If a section of the roof starts to leak, the floor areas directly below it may not be usable for some time. You don't expect your workers to work in an area where water can drip onto their desks and damage their computers or soak their papers. The area may also not be usable when the roofing contractor arrives to fix the damage.

Increased Risk of Injuries

Water leaks can also increase your employees' risk of injury. For example, a wet floor can increase your workers' risk of slip and fall accidents. Water leaks also increase the risk of an electrical short circuit, which can cause electrical shocks and fire outbreaks.

Legal Claims

If your workers experience any of the above injuries, then they have the right to file workers compensation claims. However, if other visitors to your premises or independent contractors get injured, they have the right to sue you for their damages based on the legal principle of premises liability. Of course, you will have to spend some resources defending or settling such claims, which increase your business costs.

Increased Insurance Premiums

Lastly, a leaking roof can also increase your insurance rates. Using a property with such a damaged roof presents a high risk of damage, and your property insurance company may increase your rates due to the increased rates. Also, your worker's compensation insurance and general liability insurance companies may also increase your rates if you are facing several injury claims due to the injury lawsuits.

You can avoid all the above by having a roof maintenance plan in place and following it to the letter. If you already suspect a leak in the roof, contact a roofing contractor to diagnose it and fix it as soon as possible.