Fiber Cement Is A New Roof Material

Posted on: 16 August 2018

The roof is one aspect of residential properties that homeowners are usually very eager and motivated to upgrade. Pretty much every homeowner could benefit in one way or another from having a new roof. But, since it is such an expensive remodel, most homeowners don't replace the roof until they have to. That is, there will probably come a time when your roof gets damaged or starts to leak, and you have to explore your roof replacement options. This ends up being a quite expensive and demanding project that the homeowner needs to do a lot of prepping and researching for. You will need to start off by researching various materials.

Fiber Cement is a Great Material

There are a ton of suitable roofing materials, but fiber cement is one that you should definitely know about. This article discusses fiber cement because it is a rather new and still quite rare roofing material. Fiber cement is basically a concrete composite material. It consists of concrete fibers that are also mixed together with resin, fiberglass, and recycled polymers.

Fiber Cement is Light

Basically, this unique concoction is made so that fiber cement can look like traditional, raw aggregate cement, while weighing just a fraction. The lightness of fiber cement has major ramifications when it comes to the price of the product and installation. It is also usable in many more applications because it is so lightweight. Basically, it is a material that is very cheap, yet perfectly designed for residential roofing.

Fiber Cement Styles

Fiber cement roofing products are most commonly sold in the form of shingles. Fiber cement shingles are shaped to be the same size as common stone and wood products. However, there are also flat sheet styles that are smooth, and they look very modern. These are also cheap because the installation is so much easier, and you usually can get away with buying less product. However, shingle-style roofs are definitely the most popular for residential properties.

Fiber Cement Performance

A fiber cement is going to perform similarly to a concrete or stone ceramic. The material is just as waterproof, just as low maintenance, and just as long lasting as most real concrete products. Fiber cement does not absorb stains or dirt.

Even though it isn't the most traditional roofing material, it is easy to understand why fiber cement is so perfect for roofing in so many ways. Visit websites like to learn more.