Tips For Taking Care Of Leaks In Commercial Roofs

Posted on: 26 March 2019

Leaks in your commercial roofing can be costly to repair. This means that you should take care of leaks and other problems in the right way before they escalate. If you are ready to take charge of your roofing situation to avoid costly repairs, then pay attention to these tips.


One of the first things you need to do in order to prevent leakage is to make sure that your roof is draining properly. If it is not draining properly, water will begin to pond. This often happens when debris, such as leaves and sticks, pile up in drains. It is important to periodically remove these obstacles before they cause damage such as rusting and rotting.

Be observant inside the building as well as clues about leakage often begin inside. If you see water running on the walls after heavy rainfall, then don't ignore it, investigate the problem.

Snow Removal

It may seem like a cheap alternative to get someone who is not trained to remove snow from your roof. However, this not always the best idea. The removal of snow can become technical depending on where it is located and how it has accumulated on the roof. Sending someone to clear it who is not qualified may result in damage to your roof. You may find at the end of it that metal flashing is removed or damaged which means that you will have to spend money on repairs.

Check Your Membranes

Most commercial roofs are sealed with a membrane. This membrane protects the roofing material from getting damaged from rain, snow, and wind. Once aging begins to take place, the membrane may not be as effective as it once was. It is easy for a membrane crack to spread if you are not careful about inspection and fast repair. What often happens when membranes get damaged is that water seeps in and gets onto the more delicate areas of the roof and leakage begins to occur. You will also begin to notice mold growth which not only damages the roof but can also severely affect the health of the occupants of the building.

Taking care of your commercial roof is all about being observant and acting quickly when you see that something is going wrong. Water leakage is among the most common and expensive damages that can occur. However, problems can be stopped in their tracks if you act quickly.