4 Commercial Roof Inspection Tips To Help Decide When Your Business Needs A New Roof Instead Of Repairs

Posted on: 27 April 2020

When there are problems with the roof of your business, repairs are going to be needed to stop leaks from causing damage. Sometimes, the repairs are not enough, and it may be time to have new commercial roofing installed. Therefore, you want to inspect the condition of your roof to decide when repairs are becoming too costly and it is time to install new roofing. The following commercial roof inspection tips will help you inspect the condition of your roof and decide when it is time for a new roof.

1. Start by Cleaning the Roof to Ensure Debris Is Not Hiding Roof Damage and Wear

Before you start inspecting commercial roofing, you want to make sure it is clean. Debris and stains can hide wear and damage to your roof. Make sure that debris from trees and windblown debris are cleaned from your roof. In addition, when you do further inspection, look closely at areas with stains because this can be a sign of damage to your roof.

2. Check Flashing and Seals Around Mechanical Systems and Parapet Walls

One of the signs that the roof is wearing out and it is time for new roofing is the wear of other materials on the rooftop. Check all the areas with flashing and seals, such as around rooftop mechanical systems. In addition, commercial buildings have parapet walls that need to be checked for wear and damage that could be a sign it is time to have a new roof installed.

3. Look for Areas Where Standing Water Causes Problems and Dips in Roof Structure Cause Problems

Standing water can be a serious problem with commercial roofing. This is usually due to the wear of roofing materials and damage to roof decking below the roofing system. Check for signs of standing water like puddles and watermark stains on the roof. In addition, use a long, straight board to check for dips that could be a sign of problems beneath the roofing.

4. Inspect All the Roof Drain Pipes and Storm Grates for Problems That Cause Excessive Wear

You will also want to check the drains of your roof, which have storm grates to keep them free of debris. Look around the storm grates for signs of problems with debris and standing water. In addition, check to make sure the pipes are clear of anything blocking them. If you have problems with the drains, you may need to have the roof drain system updated when new roofing is installed.

These are some commercial roof inspection tips that will help you with deciding when repairs have become too costly and it is time for a new commercial roof. If you are ready to have a new roof installed on your business, contact a commercial roofing service and talk to them about the best solutions for your building.

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