Keeping Your Metal Roof In Great Condition

Posted on: 28 June 2017

When it comes to upgrading the roof on your home, you may want to consider investing in a metal roofing system. These roofing systems have the potential to save you money by reducing energy costs over time, and they are extremely durable and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. Caring for a metal roof can seem challenging for homeowners who aren't familiar with these roofing systems, but metal roof maintenance is actually quite simple.
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Two Tips To Help Keep Your New Roof In Good Condition

Posted on: 23 June 2017

Whether you've just built a brand new house from the ground up, or you elected to give your home a much-needed overhaul, a new roof can certainly make a huge difference in the way that a house appears.  Looking at those fresh shingles as they glisten in the sun can fill you with a sense of pride, especially because you know that the roof is not only aesthetically attractive but that it also functions well.
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Why Roofs Are NOT Naturally Green And How To Address It

Posted on: 16 June 2017

Buying a home with a green roof may be country-quaint to you, but the truth is, roofs are not typically green, nor can you buy green asphalt shingles. In fact, if the majority of your roof is quite green, you may have a very serious problem on your hands. Be sure to call a roofer out to confirm what the problem is, and find out how to address it. Algae and Moss
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Three Things To Know About Your Roof's Warranty

Posted on: 11 June 2017

If the roof on your home is starting to look like it's seen better days, you may be in the market for a new roof soon. While your roofing contractor is going to recommend materials that they've used successfully, you may want to do a little research about which materials are best for you. One area that you may want to know more about is warranties on shingles, membranes and other roofing materials.
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