Is Water Leaking From Melting Ice or Heavy Rain? Call The Roofing Contractor and Address These Issues

Posted on: 26 January 2018

The spring can be a common time for people to realize that they have problems with their roof, and if you have water stains on your ceiling, you have to determine what the problem is. Call a roofing company to come and look at the leaks so that they can access the damage; seeing if this is a major issue or something that happened because of heavy snowfall or melting ice and snow.
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Three Signs You Need To Repair Or Replace Your Roof

Posted on: 10 January 2018

Your home's roof is exposed to a massive amount of stress due to the weather conditions that it has to withstand, which can cause a serious degradation of your roofing materials over time. A worn or damaged roof will greatly increase the chances that water will find its way into your home, where it can cause extensive structural damage and contribute to mold and mildew growth. Fortunately, there are a few signs of a worn-out roof that you can keep an eye out for to determine when you should contact a roofing contractor to repair certain sections or replace your entire roof.
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3 Things To Consider When It Comes To Commercial Roofing

Posted on: 31 December 2017

Replacing the roof on a commercial building tends to be different than replacing the roof on a private residence. Commercial buildings, whether it's an office building or a warehouse facility, tend to be much larger than most residences. The materials used often differ from what is commonly used for roofs in private residences as well. The construction process also tends to be different since the roof is so much larger. When replacing the roof on a commercial building, here are three things to keep in mind.
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Need a New Roof? Benefits of Buying Your Roofing Materials Through the Contractor Doing the Replacement Work

Posted on: 16 December 2017

When you need a new roof, you have a decision about where to buy your roofing materials from. You can go through a roofing supply company and order the products yourself, or you can order them through the roofing contractor who is installing the new roof from you. The contractor will likely be using the same suppliers you will be using, which may leave you wondering if there is any benefit to ordering through the contractor or whether you should cut them out and order directly.
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