• Common Causes Of Foam Roof Damage

    A foam roof is a popular option for a flat commercial building roof. Although foam roofs are long-lasting and extremely durable, they aren't completely impervious to damage. Learn what damage can happen so you can take steps to prevent, or at least promptly repair, them. Hail Spray foam roofing is surprisingly resilient to hail damage, in part because the material is able to absorb the impact. This means that the foam itself is rarely damaged, but the harder coating shell that's applied over the top can rupture.
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  • 4 Commercial Roof Inspection Tips To Help Decide When Your Business Needs A New Roof Instead Of Repairs

    When there are problems with the roof of your business, repairs are going to be needed to stop leaks from causing damage. Sometimes, the repairs are not enough, and it may be time to have new commercial roofing installed. Therefore, you want to inspect the condition of your roof to decide when repairs are becoming too costly and it is time to install new roofing. The following commercial roof inspection tips will help you inspect the condition of your roof and decide when it is time for a new roof.
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